Retractable Network (RJ45) and phone (RJ11) Cable


Retractable network and phone combination cable that is perfect for traveling or to keep in the bottom of a laptop bag

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This Retractable cable has a patented connector that will fit both network (RJ45) and phone (RJ11) sockets. Ideal for connecting your computer to a network or another computer when travelling. Also suitable for connecting a phone or modem.

The unique retractable design ensures the cable will not get knotted, tangled or caught up when not in use. Pull on the ends and the cable extends to over 150 cm, locking into position for ease of use. Pull again and it retracts back into its housing.

The perfect networking and phone cable solution for laptop users. Suitable for CAT5 networks, ISDN and PSTN.


NOTE: This is not compatible with IBM / Lenovo laptops as they use a non-standard network socket

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