Large Rectangular anti-theft device


Retractable anti-theft device – for securing larger display items.

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Retractable anti-theft device for larger display items

This is a large rectangular box designed to provide secure fixing for displays.

The rectangular box can fixed to a tabletop or the back of a display case by screw or adhesive tape.
The retractable cable can be fixed to the item to be displayed using any of the end fitttings shown below.
This is ideally suited for items such as mobile phone / mp3 player / calculator / laptop / remote control etc.

The box is made of ABS plastic, with stainless steel cable winding onto the reel inside.

Standard configuration:

  • Box Size: 7.1×4.5×2.0cm
  • Box Color: black
  • Cable diameter: 0.083cm (0.0327”)
  • Cable color: Reinforced metal cable
  • Cable length: 1m
  • Optional ratchet
  • Cable exit: A (on the top)
  • Cable retraction force: 1/4lb (120g)

Customised options: (For further information please contact us here)

  • Cable length
  • Cable diameter
  • Cable exit position (A or B above)
  • Box color
  • With company name / Logo.

End Fittings (Select below)

JB-FJB-F End fittingNo Longer available – replaced with JB-Y05
JB-QJB-Q End fittingThis is a small metal ring that fits over the cable and is secured with a locking screw.
Ideal for any item where the cable can be passed through / into and then secured.

Ring Dimensions: 6.3mm diameter, 5.0mm thick
Supplied with locking screw and alan key

JB-Y03JB-Y03 End FittingThis is a small ring made of ABS with various holes / slots to enable fixing to displayed unit
Connector can be fixed to by screw or 3M adhesive tape
Primarily designed for flat surface

Connector size: 30mm diameter, 5mm thick, 7mm screw hole diameter

JB-Y05JB-Y05 End FittingThis is a larger ring made of ABS designed for fixing using adhesive tape
Supplied with precut 3M adhesive tape
Can be fixed to flat or slightly curved surface

Connector size: 38mm diameter

Select End Fitting Type in drop down box above:

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